Popular reviews of Smiley's writing


“…often funny and always humane, an unexpected voice in a world long defined by ironclad rules and abhorrence of emotion” 

- New York Times Magazine


“A delicious diversion…Sarah Smiley is all heart…She’s honest to a fault, filled with self-doubt, and frequently, perilously, vulnerable. And many people will see her as a hero for being so frank about it.”

- USA Today


“…an Erma Bombeck …[Smiley's] prose is simple and straightforward, and her humor is clever.”

- Publishers Weekly



– Oprah’s O Magazine


“[DINNER WITH THE SMILEYS] will make you a better person for reading it…By the close, you’ll be begging for seconds.”

- SheKnows.com


“Sarah Smiley writes in such a very intimate and frank style that the reader feels like a fly on the wall…Her humor is quiet and wry, and at times she is painfully honest.”

– BookReporter.com


“A meal-time revolution”

- The Today Show


“Most eloquent when writing about the joys and challenges of parenthood…Yet, not afraid to take the military to task for its shortcomings.”

- Military.com


“Classic Sarah: forthright and honest, funny and smart.”

– The New York Times


“both a joy and an inspiration…”

– Sue Halpern, author of A DOG WALKS INTO A NURSING HOME


“[The] stories range from heartbreaking to hilarious.”

– Maine Magazine


“Smiley is so painfully honest that readers who’ve been there are likely to feel that old familiar hot flush of hysteria.”

- The Virginian-Pilot


“You can’t help but be moved”

– Carol Leifer, former writer for Seinfeld


“…not afraid to question the tight-lipped culture she inhabits…Her new book is sure to make Rummy sweat.”

- Philadelphia City Paper


“disarming candor”

- BookReporter.com


“You will find yourself smiling and chuckling to yourself as you read.”

- Des Moines Register


“It is that wry take on the life…that Smiley does best”

- New York Times Magazine


“Laugh-out-loud humor and poignant honesty set this memoir apart”

- The Florida Times-Union


“Smiley has the knack of turning the ordinary, and not-so-ordinary travails into an absorbing narrative. There’s nothing stoic about this Navy wife who writes with the kind of three-beer honesty that seems both amusing and brave at the same time.”

- Frank Cerabino, columnist, The Palm Beach Post


“Witty, whimsical and wise…will put a grin on your face.”

- Tim Bete, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop


“Sarah Smiley captures military family life like no other – with endearing and descriptive writing that brings both laughs and tears.”

- The Bradenton Herald


“Sarah Smiley’s frank writing offers an atypical perspective of military life…even those completely unfamiliar with life as a military spouse will relate and appreciate her witty accounts of being a wife and raising three children.”

- Bernie Grimm, Fox News Legal Analyst


“Sarah Smiley continues to put [Pensacola, Florida] on the map.”

- The Pensacola News Journal